Make Food Taste Better With A Healthy Weight

If your health and fitness goals for the new year have been waning, a recently published study from Cornell University may give you and your family a renewed zest for getting or staying in shape. christopher-flowers-267934-unsplashResearchers have discovered that obesity in humans may trigger a metabolic malfunction in taste buds, leading humans to eat more. In other words, being overweight and considered obese may damage the functionality of taste buds, making it more difficult to taste food. This is problematic because the inability to taste may lead us to eat more. The study, which was conducted using mice, found that when the mice became obese, they lost 25% of their own taste buds.

The good news is that the Angel Harvey Family Health Center is here to support the health, fitness and wellness goals of the community. Our wildly successful Comer Sano program has enrolled 20 children for 2018’s group two and we are considering the possibility of adding an additional class.

Led by Dr. Portela, and with the help of Medical Assistant Jacqueline Cruz, families with children ages 9 to 13 set realistic goals that address family nutrition and physical activity to create healthier lifestyles.

Patients and their family are referred to Comer Sano by their provider after discussing the program elements to determine their readiness for positive health and behavioral change. Stay tuned for updates about Comer Sano.

Our on-site nutritionist from Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Hospital helps individuals and families to take control of their health through nutritional guidance and education. In addition, our providers have made it their mission to ensure that children and families have the tools they need to live healthy and productive lives. Dr. Patel is proud of the accomplishments her patients have made in losing weight by eating healthier each day.

To see us in action and to improve the health of your taste buds through nutrition, call or visit the patient portal to request an appointment.