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HOPE. That’s what’s on our hearts for this community.

And HOPE is alive within the walls of IWS Family Health. Because every day, we are so privileged to witness lives being changed here:

✔️ Patients unable to afford medical care

✔️ Parents who lack resources for their children

✔️ Young parents who are afraid and need a support system

✔️ …and many more!

How? Through generous friends and partners—people just like you!

Denise knows all too well the essential role donors have in making stories of HOPE possible.

Hopeless. Burdened. Lost. Alone. This was her reality at 15 years old when she found herself pregnant, afraid, and without the support she desperately needed. But her story didn’t end there! Watch Denise’s story to see how steady support and critical resources—made possible through donors—made all the difference for this teen mom in her greatest time of need.

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Denise’s Story

Teen pregnancy may be where it started—but her story didn’t end there . . .

Stories of HOPE, stories just like Denise’s, happen within these walls daily with the support of friends and partners—like you. And THIS is the immeasurable impact YOU can have on the lives of other patients like her by joining our Angels of Hope monthly giving partners!

Your ongoing generosity, month over month, is key to ensuring affordable medical care and community resources are consistently available to all—regardless of age, background, or financial status.

And today, you can make 12 times the impact for those in our community by becoming an Angels of Hope monthly donor! 

Would you consider partnering with us, and other Angels of Hope, monthly to help bridge the financial gap for our neighbors who may be unable to afford the care and resources they need?

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