Prenatal Care (AngelBaby)

Prenatal Care (AngelBaby)

Welcome to AngelBaby!

AngelBaby offers two approaches to your prenatal care:

  • Traditional one-on-one care from your midwife and team
  • Group support for your physical and emotional needs with other mothers with similar due dates. Bring a support person and discuss important topics, like discomforts, stress and anxiety, nutrition, labor and delivery, and breastfeeding. (For your safety, group sessions are temporarily unavailable as a result of COVID-19)

The IWS model of integration provides immediate access to medical, dental and Care Coordination services to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

We proudly partner with Humboldt Park Health and Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center midwifery groups to provide experienced prenatal care and treatment.

Our prenatal care services include:

  • Pregnancy tests at no cost for those who qualify
  • Prenatal care visits
  • CenteringPregnancy© prenatal visits
  • Prenatal dentistry


The CenteringPregnancy group care model has changed how women and care providers feel about the patient care experience.

CenteringPregnancy replaces the traditional one-on-one prenatal visit by bringing together a group of 8-12 pregnant women, who have similar expected delivery dates to meet during a group prenatal visit.

During each of the 10 prenatal visits, pregnant women and their support person meet with a Nurse Midwife from one of our partnering hospitals and a medical assistant for 90 minutes to two hours. Each visit consists of:

  • Health assessment—checking weight and blood pressure
  • Interactive learning—discussing important topics for a healthy pregnancy
  • Community building in a group setting- an opportunity to learn and grow with other mothers from all over the Chicagoland area

Centering has shown to have positive outcomes for women who participate, including higher birth weights, lower rates of preterm delivery, and more initiation of breastfeeding at birth. Centering care also increases patient and provider satisfaction and provides a sense of community for moms, some of whom are isolated and overwhelmed.

Patients love the group model of care that supports the physical and emotional needs of expecting mothers.

Expectant moms were asked what they would tell other women about getting their prenatal care through the Centering model. Here is what they had to say:

“This program really helps you learn and hear other opinions.”

“This is the best way to learn, and it helps you a lot.”

Dr. Tara Ioffe

Family Practice

Dr. Tara Ioffe is a dedicated and compassionate Board-Certified Family Medicine physician with a strong commitment to providing excellent care to her patients. She obtained her medical degree from Avalon University in Curacao and went on to complete her Family Medicine Residency at the University of Oklahoma. She has worked at the University of Chicago and most recently NorthShore University. She has since returned to Chicago and is thrilled to join the IWS Family Health team in 2023, where she will continue to provide excellent care to her patients.

Throughout her career, Dr. Ioffe has gained experience in diverse medical fields, such as immediate and urgent care medicine while working at NorthShore Immediate Care. She did clinical research at the University of Chicago. Dr. Ioffe strives to foster a secure and inclusive environment for all her patients. She believes in an integrated approach to medicine, dedicating her time to understand each patient’s unique needs.

During her leisure time, Dr. Ioffe indulges in reading a variety of books for pleasure, plays boardgames, and loves to explore Chicago with her spouse and young child.