Patient Success Story: Pre-Diabetes

Nikita Patel, D.O. repeats herself often. She talks every day with individuals and families about the risk of diabetes and how to reverse a diagnosis of pre-diabetes.anthony-tran-383490-unsplashWhile the information she gives is repetitious, you won’t hear her unkindly comparing herself to a tape recorder, because this is a subject she is more than happy to talk about.

“For many of my patients, I am an acting nutritionist.” Dr. Patel says as she reflects on the dietary information and discussions about diet she has with many of her patients.

Recently, Dr. Patel helped a middle-aged husband get his uncontrolled diabetes back under control and “back to normal” after educating him about the dangers of diabetes and what he could do to prevent it.

“He was eating a high-carb diet and was not very active; he didn’t know that his lifestyle was unhealthy”, recounts Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel suggested he add more fresh fruit and vegetables to his diet, reduce his carbohydrate intake, limit the amount of soda and sugary drinks he was consuming, and walk more often. By following those instructions, along with lots of follow-ups and 1:1 consultations with her, Dr. Patel’s patient lost significant weight in about three months.

“I think his wife might have helped”, Dr. Patel comments with a chuckle. The wonderful implication here is that patient education, consistent communication with a primary care provider, and a positive environment all create the best chances for positive changes, healthier families, and strong communities.

In Their Own Words

“Dads are so happy to hear that we offer services for them too. It is so convenient for the families and they know that the fathers are getting the same quality care as the rest of the family.“  – patient support specialist  

“…My family drives over an hour because I trust IWS for services. I see the doctor for a [specific medical complaint] and she has been so kind and helpful. She listens to me and has given me solutions that no other doctor has. The building is always clean and the staff is so nice; we love it here.” – a patient who works in the medical field

Dr. Tara Ioffe

Family Practice

Dr. Tara Ioffe is a dedicated and compassionate Board-Certified Family Medicine physician with a strong commitment to providing excellent care to her patients. She obtained her medical degree from Avalon University in Curacao and went on to complete her Family Medicine Residency at the University of Oklahoma. She has worked at the University of Chicago and most recently NorthShore University. She has since returned to Chicago and is thrilled to join the IWS Family Health team in 2023, where she will continue to provide excellent care to her patients.

Throughout her career, Dr. Ioffe has gained experience in diverse medical fields, such as immediate and urgent care medicine while working at NorthShore Immediate Care. She did clinical research at the University of Chicago. Dr. Ioffe strives to foster a secure and inclusive environment for all her patients. She believes in an integrated approach to medicine, dedicating her time to understand each patient’s unique needs.

During her leisure time, Dr. Ioffe indulges in reading a variety of books for pleasure, plays boardgames, and loves to explore Chicago with her spouse and young child.