Mindfulness with Certified Nurse Midwife Rose

At IWS, we highly value the diverse skills and methods of our nursing staff. Nurse Rose is a certified Nurse Midwife at Swedish Covenant Hospital and at IWS. She uses her talents and knowledge to support expecting moms with the stresses and anxiety associated with pregnancy and labor.

One thing in which Rose strongly believes is practicing mindfulness, or, the practice of taking some time each day to focus on breathing and relaxation, and trying to focus on being present from moment to moment throughout the day.

“I believe that the emotional and psychological aspects of wellness are very important to overall health”.

Rose recently helped an IWS mother with a difficult labor that lasted several days. Rose remembers that when our mother was in a moment of the most fear and anxiety, she said to her: “I just cannot do this for 12 more hours!”

Rose encouraged our mom not to think about the next 12 hours and instead to “focus on how well you are already coping”. Rose motivated the mom to go home and focus on comfort measures such as warm baths and plenty of fluids. In the end, Nurse Rose helped our mom overcome her fear of coping with labor at home.

Two days later, our mom returned to the hospital in better spirits and delivered a healthy baby.