Thank You Infant Welfare!

38869227460_aa12f47c8a_oThe following is an excerpt from parts of Minnie Sandstedt’s acceptance speech at the 2017 Annual Meeting and Celebration Luncheon.

It is with great honor, monumental pride, and extreme humility that I accept this very inspiring award

Along with the many positions I’ve been lucky enough to have been given to do- many with my wonderful cohort Char – have been fun, festive and historic.

Thank you Infant Welfare of Chicago for giving me the opportunity to meet and serve with so many lovely ladies and gentlemen from around the metropolitan Chicago area. May we all continue to serve our clients and make their lives well and more meaningful.

To my friends and colleagues I say: continue on this wonderful and exciting path of opportunity and delightful encounters to aid the health and happiness of our clients.  Good luck with continued and innovative programming, patient support, and a SMILE for each client as they are welcomed into our services.

It is absolutely fabulous to look out from this podium and see many of my family and close friends, the many members of the Oak Boork Infant Welfare chapter, as well as staff. Also people from other chapters and affiliated groups to the Infant Welfare Society.

Thank you so much for this lovely day of celebration. I am so thrilled for this prestigious honor.

-Minnie Sandstedt